Somers Town Escorts

Somers Town is a district in central London. It has been strongly influenced by the three mainline north London railway termini: Euston railway station (1838), St. Pancras station (1868) and King’s Cross, London (1852), together with the Midland Railway Somers Town Goods station (1887) next to St Pancras, where the British Library now stands. Historically, the name Somers Town was used for the larger triangular area between the Pancras, Hampstead, and Euston Roads, but it is now taken to mean the rough rectangle bounded by Pancras Road, Euston Road, Eversholt Street, Crowndale Road, and the railway approaches to St Pancras Station; that is to say, the area about 200 metres east and west of Chalton Street. Somers Town to some extent overlaps with the parish and district of St Pancras, London.